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Expert Car Repair Services in Indio, CA

Your car will stay in excellent condition with auto maintenance and repair from our shop in Indio, California. Stop by or contact Jim's Desert Radiator and Air Conditioning Service to request a quote.

Computer Diagnostics

Instead of ignoring a check engine light that stays on or a service engine soon light, bring your car to our shop for a computer diagnostic. After the issue is found, we repair any type of problem and clear the warning lights after the service is completed. Additionally, our technicians perform engine scans for running problems and computer diagnostics for any type of electrical or computer problems.

Brakes & Tune-Ups

Jim's Desert Radiator and Air Conditioning Service wants to help make your car safer and more efficient. Service is available for any type of braking system from ABS to conventional. We inspect, replace, and repair brake pads or any part of your brake system. Rotor resurfacing or replacement is provided if necessary, along with drum and pad service for any type of vehicle. To protect your vehicle's engine, we do complete tune-ups, including spark plugs, timing belts, spark plug wires, and much more.

Scheduled Maintenance

The way to prevent the need for many types of repairs is with scheduled maintenance for your vehicle. We can inspect or check all parts and make any necessary replacements during the service. Maintenance includes fluid checks, including transmission fluid. We also provide rear and front differential checks and suspension oiling and lubrication. To make sure your car is truly ready for the road, we also inspect the engine. For your convenience, we accept after-market extended warranties for vehicles.
Wheel hub in auto repair shop - Our auto repair shop in Indio, CA
Maintenance check — Our auto repair shop in Indio, CA
Mechanic checking a car — Our auto repair shop in Indio, CA
Contact our auto repair shop at (760) 342-4707 to schedule a maintenance check that could save you money.